Changing your habits can be a challenge. But there are small changes you make today that will have a big impact on your health.

To get started, the first step is to set some small, specific goals to aim for. Each small goal you achieve will help you eat a little healthier.

Small steps to get started

  • Drink one more glass of water today

    Drinking plenty of water is an important part of staying healthy. Replace one drink that contains sugar – like a soft drink, juice or sports drink – with a glass of water each day. Take a look at our life hacks for drinking more water.

  • Pack one healthy snack to take with you tomorrow

    It’s ok to snack, just snack on food that’s actually going to make you feel stronger and healthier. One less sweet snack a day can make a difference to your energy intake, so why not switch it with your favourite fresh fruit? Take a look at our tips for healthy snacking.

  • Plan ahead for one dinner

     Plan one night this week to cook at home. Learning one new healthy recipe  and adding it to your routine you can make a big difference to your weekly habits. Check out our guide for how to shop smart, shop healthy to help you write your shopping list.

  • Cut out one take-away meal from your week

    Now that you’ve cooked your own dinner and packed your own snack, you can save money by skipping a take-away meal. Restaurant and take-away meals are typically too large and contain too much salt, saturated fat and sugar, and not enough vegetables and fibre.

  • Take 5 minutes to read about free services and tools that can help

    Did you know that there is a free coaching and information service to give you tips about healthier eating? Find out about this and other programs and tools  that can help you set goals for healthy eating, meet those goals and feel better.

  • Ready to set your own goals?

    Use our food calculator as a guide for what you should be eating every day and start setting your own small, specific goals to get there.