Regular physical activity helps you maintain good health and manage your weight; it can even reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Feeling the benefits of physical activity doesn’t have to be all about big workouts.

You can feel better by getting moving more and finding simple ways to add more movement to your day - introducing small changes every day can be very effective. Here are some easy ways to add activity to your day:

  • Incidental Activity

    Are there ways you can add movement and activity to your day without going and completing a workout or planning to do so? Think about all the extra ways you can add movement into your day, and visit these pages for tips on adding movement into your downtime or work days.

  • Walk More

    Including even moderate activity like brisk walking every day can help you look and feel good to get more out of your life. Look for opportunities to walk - could you walk to work or the shops instead of driving? How about meeting your friends for a walk and chat instead of meeting for a coffee?

  • Take The Stairs

    Rather than take the lift, take the stairs to burn some extra kilojoules.

  • Family Active Time

    Could you make family time family active time? Go to the park and play a game of cricket, go for a long walk or get active with outdoor play.

  • Team Sport

    Don’t fancy working out at the gym? How about signing up for a team sport where you can make friends and have fun while burning kilojoules. To find out more about what sports and activities burn what amount of kilojoules and energy, visit 8700.

  • Minimise The Time You Spend Sitting

    Even if you are exercising frequently, you may be surprised to realise the total number of hours you spend sedentary every day. Try adding up time spent commuting, sitting at work, watching television or at the computer.

    It is important to minimise the time you spend sitting for prolonged periods, breaking it up as often as possible. Evidence suggests that sedentary behaviour (prolonged sitting or lying down, except when sleeping) is harmful to our health, increasing risk of chronic disease and obesity. Standing for just a few minutes every hour will make a significant improvement to your health.

  • Strength Building

    Cardiovascular and chair exercises help improve posture and can even reduce back pain. Exercises completed in a chair are a great way for people who can’t get around easily to build exercises into their everyday routine .

    Try using resistance bands wrapped around a chair to perform resistance exercises like chest press and bicep curls. Air punching outwards and upwards is another way to increase your heart rate; you can even add weights to burn extra kilojoules!

  • Think of movement as an opportunity. Any movement is an opportunity to improve your health.