With our busy lifestyles, a "lack of time" can often be perceived as a barrier to physical activity. However, with the simple active travel strategies outlined below you can build movement into your existing schedule:

  • Lunchtime walk

    Get up from your desk at lunchtime and walk around the block with a colleague, or take your lunch break outside.

  • Active team building.

    Team building session? Suggest an activity that will get your group moving such as a local charity walking event, a bush walk, a game of touch football. The endorphins from moving in the great outdoors are sure to boost team happiness and morale.

  • Park and walk

    Park your car two blocks away from the office or get off the bus one stop early, that will add up to 10 minutes of movement to your day walking to and from the car.

  • Walk and talk

    Work meeting? Why not ask your colleagues to have a ‘walk and talk’ meeting rather than sitting at a desk.

  • Feet not fingers

    Walk to deliver a message to a colleague rather than emailing or phoning them.