Getting Started Is All About Making Small Changes

Lack of time and money, pressure to treat or reward children with high fat and high sugar food, and increased screen time have led to an unhealthier childhood today than kids experienced only twenty years ago.

Over one in five children in NSW are now above a healthy weight. The good news is that children who are a healthy weight have a much greater chance of being a healthy weight as adults.

As role models and decision makers for the family it can be difficult to change established habits. But being healthy doesn’t have to involve a lot of time, expense or restrictions. Leading a healthy and active life is about balance and making small changes that can make a big difference. Establishing healthy eating and exercise habits early on will give your child a good start in life and set them up for better mental and physical health as adults.

Healthy Programs

NSW Health runs a range of free initiatives to help you make healthy normal and tackle overweight and obesity. Find digital tools, information and free programs near you.

Tips and Recipes

Make healthy normal today with these tips and recipes for busy families.

  1. The basics of healthy eating

    Healthy recipes for your family

  2. Healthy eating habits for your family

    Healthy eating habits for your family

  3. Healthy eating habits for your family

    Getting active as a family

  5. At School

    At school

  6. Healthy eating habits for your family

    At home

  7. Out and about

    Out and about