The best way to approach improving your eating habits is to gain the support of your family and go on the journey together. This way, there's no need to cook special meals and nobody feels like they're missing out. Commit to healthy eating today for a healthy future, and start feeling better right away.

  • Start small and build

    There's no need to turn the household upside down. For lasting change choose realistic improvements you can all stick with, such as having fruit for dessert instead of biscuits, or switching to wholegrain (eg wholemeal) bread. Small changes are easier to implement and add up over time.

  • Health in ARMS reach

    If you want to eat healthy foods they need to be ready to grab quickly and easily. Shop regularly to make healthy food convenient. This doesn't mean you have to cut out treats, but make them more of an occasional thing rather than a pantry staple.

  • Eat dinner together

    Eating meals together is good for family bonding and home-prepared meals are usually healthier than take-away and restaurant meals. Healthy family meals need not be complicated, just balanced. Why not give our healthy menu plan a go and see just how easy it can be!

  • Pack lunch

    Stay in control of your food choices by packing a healthy lunch, such as a sandwich, fruit, nuts and water.  Take-away foods tend to be large portions and usually contain too much saturated fat and salt. Check out our healthy lunch box planner for some fresh ideas.

  • Snack right at night

    Many people eat well through the day and then spoil it all by snacking on biscuits and chocolate in front of the TV, largely out of boredom and habit. Try healthier sweets like fresh fruit, yoghurt or herbal tea, or start a 'kitchen closed' rule after dinner. Chewing sugar-free gum or brushing your teeth can also mark the end of eating. It also helps to keep your hands busy- try hobbies, craft or stretching. More tips and hints here.

  • look out for hidden salt and sugar

    Instead of using sauces high in hidden salt and sugar try additions like garlic and ginger to spice up your meals.