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When shopping - use the Health Star Rating

The Health Star Rating is a labelling system that gives packaged food a rating based on its overall nutritional profile

Use the Health Star Rating to help you compare the nutritional value of packaged foods and make informed, healthy choices when shopping.

Ratings range from ½ a star to 5 stars - the more stars, the healthier the choice.

Five tips for using the Health Star Rating

  1. Look for Health Star Rating labels on the front of packaged food and drink when you go shopping. As the Star Rating is new, it may not be on all of your favourite products yet but will appear on more products over time.
  2. Use Health Star Ratings to compare similar food products. Remember, the more stars, the healthier the choice within that food category.
  3. Choose the product with the best Health Star Rating in each food and drink category.
  4. Boost the nutritional value of packaged foods by adding plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Health Star Rating is only used on packaged products so remember to base your diet on a range of fresh foods from the five food groups.
  5. Make a healthy meal by cooking with ingredients that have at least 3.5 stars. For inspiration, try one of our healthy meal recipes.
  6. For more information on the Health Star Rating go to

For more information on the Health Star Rating go to

When eating out - use the 8700 app

The 8700 app gives you the kilojoule (kJ) facts on over 3,000 products, helps you find your ideal daily kJ figure and lots more info, hints and tips.

Do you know how many kJ are in muffins, burgers, pizza and other fast foods? What about the difference in kJ between an espresso and a cappuccino or smoothies or milk shakes? How about the read-to-eat foods you can pick up from supermarkets?

The 8700 app brings all this information together so you can make informed decisions about the types of fast and ready-to-eat foods you choose when you’re out and about.

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To find out how many kilojoules your body needs to reach or maintain a healthy weight go to